Reality Check – Lets Drop the Social Masks

Many of us are mentally exhausted, socially isolated and physically drained due to the demands of every day pressures and expectations placed on us. Social media and other forms of media make us feel as though we have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, have certain materialistic items to be “good enough”, hence why so many young people and adolescents are suffering from stress, depression and mental illnesses as well as some adults.
How do you switch off from the worlds issues and focus on reality? It would be easy to say that our reality really depends on what we chose to focus on but is it really that simple.
It is not the case. Look at yourself and accept that you are unique. Why would you want to look like everybody else? Let us look at some ways to help you to overcome this external programming of our minds by society and social media.

LOVE YOURSELF – let’s stop looking on the outside for approval from others and instead learn to listen to yourself, love and nurture yourself and accept yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. You’re a work in progress.
RESET YOUR MINDSET – If you are constantly putting yourself down or feeling that you are not good enough YOU will find it hard to get out of that state unless you RESET YOUR MINDSET, by that I mean you have to find a way to believe that you are special, you are worthy, you are able and you can reach your goal.
LET IT GO – We have Primary Pain and Secondary suffering, we carry the hurt, pain and rejection from the past into our current situations which blocks our growth and progress. Let the past go, find a way to accept that no matter how you feel about that “primary Pain” it can’t be changed but you can learn from it. Let it go.
TALK ABOUT IT – Share your feelings with those close to you, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability and weaknesses. We can become stressed and depressed because we are trying so hard to keep up with what society expects us to be, not realising that we are getting closer and closer to burn out because we are holding so much inside of us.
HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS – We need to have interaction with others but sometimes we need to spend time alone. If you have people around you who motivate you, encourage you and pick you up then share your thoughts and feelings with them, to gain more understanding and advice BUT if those around you are discouraging, negative and dismissive of your feelings and insecurities then it may be time for you to seek some new friends and associates who will help you to grow and become the best you that you can be.