Life skills Training Workshops

Life skills training workshops are for charities, people and organisations who work with or for groups in society who may need to go back to basics. Do you need help to re-engage with your peers? Do you work with people who need retraining in social and developmental skills?

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Parenting Courses & Workshops

Are you facing challenges with your teenage child? Would you benefit from learning some new ways to engage with and support your teenage child?

Parenting courses and workshops are for people from all walks of life who are faced with teenagers and young children who sometimes display challenging behaviours, negative communication and none responsive attitudes.

The workshops are for parents, workers, child minders, older siblings and anyone who would like to learn new ways to communicate and work with young people.

Group and 1-2-1 sessions to:-

  • Overcome learnt behaviours & break down barriers.
  • To learn Social, Life and Developmental skills.
  • Team building and Communication skills.
  • To build up, empower and motivate attendees to believe and strive for better.

The workshops are interactive and on-going to ensure the more we practice the better we become.

Mtcnow Life Skills Workshops

For ex-offender, long term unemployed and N.E.E.T.S. Learning to manage your money (budgeting), preparing for employment, Interview preparation and techniques, good time keeping, appropriate clothes to wear and making a good first impression.

Some of the Life Skills Workshops we have delivered have included:

  • Help and the facilitation of the development of self-care skills.
  • Overcoming social isolation and learning how to interact socially.
  • Empowering attendees to overcome discrimination in a positive manner.
  • Advising and assisting those who need to resettle into their local community.

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