Educational Training workshops

Educational Training workshops are for charities, people and organisations who work with or for groups in society who may need to go back to basics. Do you work with Care Leavers who need training to learn how to live independently now they have left the care system? Are you needing to relearn new skills to improve your changes for employment in the future?

The workshops are prepared and specific to the client groups, they are interactive and on-going to ensure the more we practice the better we become.

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Educational Workshops

For young people to explore the understanding of relationships, self-identify, self-respect, family conflicts, making positive decisions for a better life and social skills for their personal development.

For ex-offender, long term unemployed and N.E.E.T.S. Learning to manage your money (budgeting), preparing for employment such as Interview preparation and techniques, good time keeping, appropriate clothes to wear and making a good first impression.

The training you receive will empower, motivate and guide attendees to challenge their behaviours, improve their communication skills, to build your confidence and to adapt new mind-sets for life.

We deliver Educational Training Workshops for

  • Hard to reach Young people
  • Care leavers, Families, Students & Charities/Organisations working with vulnerable people.
  • Self-development, managing family breakdowns, Improving social skills and communication.
  • Breaking down barriers to help to create and build positive relationships.
  • Social & Life Skills training
  • Training for Non vocational skills

Training/Workshop Days

Our educational workshops are available from as low as £12 per person per day/or £6 per person per hour (depending on the number of attendees).

Personalised Training Packages

Motivational or Training Packages are available to meet your organisations specific needs upon request.

We deliver Personalised Workshops for Charities, Schools, Local Authorities and Organisations.

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